To allow experiments on multimodal automatic speech recognition, audio/visual synchronization or speech-driven lip animation systems, an audio-visual speech corpus, the BL-Database, has been collected by the Metiss team (Panama team since 2013) at INRIA. BL-Database stands for Blue-Lipstick Database because, during recording, speakers were wearing blue lipstick to facilitate the extraction of lips in the video (cf. Figure below).

The recordings have been performed during two sessions. The data of the first session can be used to analyze the 2D movement of the mouth while the data collected by the second session have been performed for 3D analysis.

Database content

Data and information collected and generated during the 2 recording sessions are:

Sample speakers from the database (front and side view)

More details about the content of the database can be found in :

Y. Benezeth, G. Bachman, G. Lejan, N. Souviraa-Labastie, F. Bimbot, "BL-Database: A French audiovisual database for speech-driven lip animation systems", INRIA research report n RR-7711, 2011.

Requesting the data

The database can be obtained upon request, for research purposes only. To obtain the corpus, please contact Yannick Benezeth.

Data are available here.